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Friends, I'm proud to announce the launch of our website. We now have a home to showcase our gigs and share with you when and where we're performing. There are several people I'd like to thank for their contributions to the website and for helping 'make it happen'!

Mark Gordon of 'Corporate Portraits Sydney' ~
Thank you for shooting our video at Qantas and for the stunning photography work throughout our website. You've captured the magic of jazz perfectly xx Red xx

John, Ed + Baz ~ Without you guys, there wouldn't be a KCV band! Thank you all for your continued support of the band and the music.


A shout out of thanks to all the musos I've performed with to date who have helped KCV grow to what she is today; including;

Mike Price ~ Flugelhorn, Piano + Musical Arrangements
Phillip Taig ~ Double Bass + Musical Arrangements

Neill Levine ~ Guitar
Campbell Atkins ~ Guitar
Daniel Falero ~ Vocals, Bass (this guy plays everything)

Jason Raiss ~ Saxophone
Greg Levine ~ Saxophone
Nigel Hearn ~ Saxophone
Otto Marr ~ Guitar

Danae ~ Thank you for referring us to the home of 'The Flying Kangaroo'. We're proud to perform for an iconic Aussie brand and love having you as a groupie! xx Kylie

Brother Ash ~ Thanks Ash for introducing me to WIX and encouraging me to 'move it Brother Kylie' and get my website happening! LOL!

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